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This is  Count Ingsheep! A game I made in ludum dare 40

The theme was: The more you have, the worse it is, in the game you more you light you have, the closer you are to melt (you are a vampire)!


After a month of sleep, Count Ingsheep woke up to see light in his abandonned mansion! The old generator wasn’t used in forever so how was there light in the mansion? As he looked from his balcony he saw three teenagers running away and laughing. What an evil prank! The count had to run downstairs and turn off the generator before the morning so he could go back to sleep ASAP! He had to be careful as any light could melt him in seconds!

Hope you enjoy and if you have any feedback/bugs please send me a message!

PS: The ludumDare40vFinal2 is the original version for ludum dare and the ludumDare40vFinal3 is the version where you can also jump with UP or W (it was intended to be able to jump with those and even in the tutorial but I forgot to add it)

Install instructions

Just download the zip below this text, unzip it and double click on the .exe!


ludumDare40vfinal2.zip 6 MB
ludumDare40vfinal3.zip 6 MB

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